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All You Need To Know And How to Register for Racksterly ( Income Program

All You Need To Know And How to Register for Racksterly ( Income Program
December 26, 2019
Good day all Flushreviewers,  am Daniel Ogbeide by Name. Today i will be explaining to you how Racksterly works, and how they pay.

well what you are about to read maybe long but at the end of the day what matters is that you have been exposed to what I will call a life changing opportunity. I hope we can all read through to the end.

Click here to visit Racksterly website; you may as well start your registration now!

Ok what if i tell you, you could earn as much as 40k in profit per month by using ur data and facebook as you use it everyday? interesting right? fasten your seat belts, you are about to learn something new.

Without wasting much of your time, lets go straight to business. everyone here must have heard about online businesses? Now am sure the thought in your mind is they've come again with their ponzi, my dear hear me out first ok then you can decide for yourself. The name of the platform is ''RACKSTERLY''. Now lets talk about how you can benefit from this platform.

Racksterly is a advertising platform, they are paid by major companies e.g GLO, Konga, Virgin Atlantic airlines etc to advertise their products and services. Now Racksterly wants theses adverts to get to the grassroots and that is where you and i come in, Racksterly is interested in using our facebook timelines for these adverts, lets call it that they want to rent your timeline and they pay you for that..pretty cool huh?

Click HERE to join

Now the process of getting paid requires you to do a month subscription with them, that is to say that your payment is in a 30day cycle under your subsciption. To show this numerically e.g on 27th of September 2019 Mr Ogbeide Daniel subscribed for storm(one of the plans) with 17k Mr Ogbeide Daniel will share 1 advert per day on this timeline earning $3.5 per day share until the 30 day cycle ends and he takes his money and subscribes again or goes with his money. very simple.

Now there are 4 plans on Racksterly
1. Dew--> 1 month sub with $18(6,897naira) (All transacions are done in dollars) you earn $1.2 per share/per day till your subscription ends in 30days

2. Drizzle-->1 month sub with $25(9,296naira) you earn $1.8 per share/per day till your subscription ends in 30days

3. Already mentioned above Storm---> $45sub(16,732naira) you earn $3.5 per share/per day till your subscription ends in 30days

4 Typhoon---> $75(27,112naira) and you earn $5.6 per share/per day till your subscription ends in 30days

you can only share post once per day, that is to say your payment is fixed except you earn by refferals(which is absolutely optional)

Another way of earning is by completing a series of achievement
There are many achievements that one can unlock and you get paid and they are refferal based. Since they want to grow so that other companies and organizations would want to advertise with them, these comission are paid to you for your contributions in their growth. A list of achievements they will pay for are:

1. When you get your first referal they reward you with $2.5
2. Referring a friend on the same day you subscribed will get you $3
3. Referring 10 people within a month subscription gets youon $45
4. Referring 20 people within a month subscription gets you $80
5 Referring 50 people in a month subscription gets you $150
6. Referring 100 people in a month subscription gets you $350
7 Referrring 3 friends in 1 month sub gets you $10
8. Referring 2 persons on the day your sub ends get you $9
How cool is that?

The best part of All these is that when you refer 6 people in 1 month sub to do a sub on the same level or above your level RACKSTERLY will give you 1free month of your current plan...Isnt this great? All payments are made to the bank account you provide to them while registering. And you can have multiple accounts if you want afterall their target is a higher audience for the adverts, but all facebook accounts linked with them must have 200 and above real friends and you must add their customer care agent on Facebook so he can verify your account before any payment.

Now thats all about earning.

If you asked this question "What is different from racksterly and other online busineses" you asked a good question, let me outline some things that make it different

1. One thing that must be considered before you venture into any online business is this, Do they need new entries to survive? if the answer is Yes my dear run
RACKSTERLY differs from others in in a way that your business with them is just to advertise on your facebook timeline, referring anybody is just a way of increasing what you earn, its not a pyramid scheme where they say, bring 2 people before you are paid. there is nothing like downline, someone you referred can join and do a sub higher than yours and he automatically earns more than you, who come first no work for this one
2. Before you do an online business make sure they have an office that you can go to incase of poblem, RACKSTERLY has an office in lagos and in carlifornia USA
3. There system of payment means once your own personal sub ends you take your money, nothing like payment on a particularbday which may make it difficult to pay everyone.
4. the most obvious being that RACKSTERLY wants to grow and service to its patronizers is key

Then there are rules that RACKSTERLY hopes we all abide to so that everyone wins
1. As stated earlier Any account that must be used for RACKSTERLY posts should have up to 200 friends
2. Such an account should not be used for only RACKSTERLY posts.
3. Make sure you don't have fake friends(Remember all those techniques you use to get many likes on facebook) don't use them on account that you share with.

How to Register to RACKSTERLY 

First things, first! To register for Racksterly, you will need to enter their website.
Racksterly website address is Please, it is .co not .com. I know many of us are more familiar with the .com extension.

Anyway, don’t worry about that! You must not enter their web address before you can get registered. At the end of this article, you will find a link to the site. So you can just click it to register straight.
I am assuming you are on the website right now.

So, once you are there, the next thing you should do is to click on the Sign-Up link.
Below is just the home page of the Racksterly website;

 Racksterly Homepage
Looks nice? Yes, everything about Racksterly is beautifully designed and automated as well.
When clicked on the top menu, some drop-down menus will appear, from there, you can easily locate the Sign-Up link.

Immediately you click on the Signup link, another page will load. This time, you are getting closer to being a member.
The loaded page contains a registration form. You are required to fill it accordingly with accurate information.
See the screenshot of the form below?

Racksterly Registration Page
Racksterly Registration Page
In the first box, you are required to enter your first name. Then, enter your last name in the second box. Provide a valid email address, enter your password and then click on Create Account.
Please, that email option is very important and you are advised to use a valid email only.

After you clicked the Create Account link, a new page will load. Here, you will be asked to fill in your phone number, bank name, account number and account name.
When I registered my own, I just entered my account number and the bot quickly brought out my account name; just like our normal mobile banking. Racksterly must have invested a fortune in automating their service.
When you are done entering your phone number and banking details, you click on the Continue button.
That will take you to here;

Racksterly Success Message for Registration
Racksterly Success Message!

Bright, you’re just one step away from joining the most rewarding content-sharing platform in Nigeria and turning your facebook account into a real rainmaker. Choose a plan below and pay the corresponding subscription fee, and away you go!
To ensure a successful transaction, your payment will be routed through a gateway in your country.
Now, you are almost a member. Just a few steps remaining… But these last steps are like the most important. At this point, you will be asked to select your subscription plan.
See the screenshot of the plans below;

Racksterly Subscription Plans
Racksterly Subscription Plans

A list of Racksterly subscription plans

  1. Dew / $1.2 Daily
  2. Drizzle / $1.8 Daily
  3. Storm / $3.5 Daily
  4. Typhoon / $5.6 Daily
If you subscribed to Dew plan, you will be entitled to earn at least $1.2 daily by sharing products on your Facebook timeline.
If you subscribe to the Drizzle plan, you will be offered promotional products that will earn you at least $1.8 daily.

Now, let’s get back to the registration. You select the plan you want to join and then click on the Pay button to pay for the subscription.
When you click on the Pay button, you will be taken to a checkout page to complete the payment.
Racksterly payment is handled by a reputable Nigerian online payment portal (Paystack). You can browse that. They are very trusted! Your bank details are safe.
Choose how you will use to make the payment depending on the option provided for you.
See the screenshot below?

Racksterly Paystack Payment
Racksterly Paystack Payment
For me, I chose “the pay with the card.”
If you choose that, you will be provided with another page where you will put your card details to initiate the transaction.
Once your payment has been confirmed, you will be asked to add the Racksterly Private Profile (Racksterly FBX) to your Facebook friends.

After you have added it, the next thing is to enter your Facebook name (you will be provided with a form to submit that).
After that, head over to your dashboard and you will see one product to share on your Facebook timeline. Share it!
Racksterly strictly frowns upon spamming. So you are advised to share only a product you have used or would love to use. You are to share just like a normal post on your timeline. It is recommended that you keep your Facebook account active while you use Racksterly.
By keeping it active, I mean posting regularly on your timeline; like sharing pictures, stories, gist… those normal activities people engage in Facebook.
Note that during your account review, if they find out that the only things on your timeline are their products, your account may be terminated.
So endeavour to be posting other things on your timeline.
Click here to visit Racksterly website; you may as well start your registration now!

General Overview of Racksterly Account Registration

  • You enter
  • You click on the signup button
  • You Select your subscription plan
  • Then, you click on the Pay Now button to pay for the service.
  • After that, you add Racksterly Fbx Profile page on Facebook.
Click here to join Racksterly now


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you are rest assure your cash is safe with racksterly.



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